April 06-07, from 12.00 – 17.00
Exhibition ‘Blik op papier’, Artist collective GKK
Naaiatelier Haarlem, Spaarnwoudestraat 124
The drawings with music ‘Trembling Air’ and ‘Time Bends’ will be shown

Exhibition ‘SOUNDWAVES’
Drawings, music and film
37PK, Groot Heiligland 37, Haarlem
November 03 – November 12, 2023

November 3: 17.00-20.00: Opening with Ida Alanen on piano
November 10: 20.00-21.00: Concert
November 12: 10.00-11.00: Concert
With thanks to the Conservatory of Amsterdam, Haarlemsche Muziekfonds and the Haarlem Cultural Incentive Fund

Contact: (mail to Lenneke Overmaat,

In Soundwaves, drawings come to life through music and film. The drawings (graphic scores) by Lenneke Overmaat are a source of inspiration for the Finnish composer/pianist Ida Alanen to compose a solo performance on the piano, an album of twelve mini music-miniatures.
The filmmaker Paul de Ceuninck van Capelle makes a video of a series of small drawings. That video of twenty minutes forms the basis for a music performance by Ida Alanen on piano, Francisco Garrido on electric guitar and Daniel Green on bass clarinett and alt saxophone. The elements of rhythm, movement, repetition and… dissonance are common to all three and form a new audiovisual visual language.

About the origin
Lenneke Overmaat writes in her artwork in mirror image, a handwriting that she used as a child with her twin sister as a secret language. That handwriting is often illegible, it almost looks Arabic. That gave her the idea of ​​developing her own handwriting, an asemic handwriting that does not assign any preconceived meaning to the symbols. The reader/viewer can give it his own meaning. Her newly developed handwriting reminded her of a musical notation, and so the idea arose to draw asemic drawings for musicians. In the music world these are called graphic scores.

About the makers|
Ida Alanen,
Ida is a Finnish jazz composer and pianist, Master student at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam. In Finland she has her own band ‘Ida Alanen Trio’ with which she released the album Awake Asleep in 2023. She finds inspiration to her work from visual arts, nature and experiences in life. Her music alternates effortlessly between carefully orchestrated compositions and the freedom of improvisation.

Paul de Ceuninck van Capelle,
Paul is a photographer and filmmaker. He has made several documentaries about healthcare and about the history of his family, together with his brother Chris. He also makes videos for the MH 17 website. He is an observer and inspired by people, art, culture and nature. He likes to abstract his experiences in black and white photography and film.

Lenneke Overmaat,
Lenneke is an visual artist and she ‘archives’ her life in drawings and writings. SOUNDWAVES is her first collaborative project with artists from different disciplines. In 2019 she participated in the International Paper Art Biennale in the CODA museum Apeldoorn with handmade paper objects ‘Verbeelde Herinneringen’ and in 2021 in a group exhibition in museum De Lakenhal in Leiden with a handmade paper fabric ‘Een Nieuw Leids Laken’. She is member of the artists’ association De Vishal in Haarlem.

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